About the FEF

The Forest Education Foundation Inc. (FEF) is a not-for-profit educational institution staffed by qualified and experienced teachers.

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The Foundation has been providing learning experiences for teachers and students throughout Tasmania for over 25 years (K-12 and beyond).

FEF programs provide teachers and students with the opportunity to engage with forest environments. Making connections to the Australian Curriculum, Science and Geography domains, the FEF programs explore forest systems and the links between humans and natural environments. The experienced teachers at FEF provide learning experiences that are hands-on, collaborative and encourage problem-solving skills.

FEF learning experiences can be provided within the school environment or through visits to a variety of field sites.

The FEF also supports a range of projects throughout Tasmania, including:

  • National Science Week initiatives
  • TasTAFE - guiding and interpretation programs
  • University of Tasmania – education student workshops
  • Beacon Foundation – career opportunities
  • School camp providers – on-site and field trip options

The Foundation receives its core funding by way of sponsorship from Sustainable Timber Tasmania and the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania.  Other projects are supported through Australian Government grants and limited income is generated through school activities and resource sales.

See our News & Events pages for more details.