2019 School Grant

FEF Mission – Develop teacher and student knowledge about forest landscapes by providing educational opportunities that explore forest environments, resources and the future role of forests.

The Forest Education Foundation is excited to offer grant opportunities for teachers/schools participating in an FEF program in 2018/2019. The FEF’s guiding principles seek to support teachers to encourage students to appreciate the importance of forests and forest resources and be capable of making informed decisions about the future of forest environments. The FEF will award grants of up to $1000 to support teachers/schools who wish to engage with forest education in their classroom/school and encourage forest competency in their students.

The grant money will be awarded to teachers or schools who have participated in an FEF program in 2018/2019 who wish to fund student projects, community events, field trips, professional development, classroom supplies or outdoor classroom enhancements that support the FEF mission and educational goals, for further information refer to the FEF strategic plan.

Grant Guidelines?

  • Grant money must be used for projects related to forest/environmental education and supported by FEF experiences
  • One application per teacher per school year with principal’s approval
  • Detailed estimate of project costs and desired outcomes must be supplied
  • Applicants receiving grant money will be asked to document the project and complete a Project Documentation Form AFTER the funds are spent
  • Grants awarded must be payable to the school

Please complete the form to apply. We will notify you by phone or email of the results.