Humanities and Social Sciences

The following tables identify the links between our student activities and the Content Descriptors within the Australian Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum. These pages also provide links to sample classroom visit programs and excursions to a range of field sites throughout Tasmania.

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Exploring the Styx Valley

Through the Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum, students examine the effects of human activities on environments, including how human usage of resources affects ecosystems, and how challenges to sustainability, and strategies to address these, vary from place to place. Students evaluate these strategies to determine their effects on environments, economies and societies and how they contribute to actions that support more sustainable patterns of living.

Many of our programs incorporate the issues of environmental, economic and social sustainability, exploring ways in which we can make use of our forest environment for a variety of outcomes. At the primary level, the focus is on understanding the system and identifying why students may have visited forest areas in the past. The high school programs concentrate more on the possible future implications and management strategies of forest use.