Trees on Farms


Trees on Farms is a program for Primary and Secondary students, exploring the importance of of trees on farms and their role in whole farm management. The program makes links to the Agriculture, Science, HASS and Design and Technology curriculum and fosters citizenship, critical-thinking, and problem solving in students.

Spend the day on a farm exploring trees and their place within the whole farm system. A hands on and dynamic excursion designed for primary and Secondary students. Understand the importance of trees, how they function, grow and change and their role on a farm. Field days will be tailored to your learning objectives and needs, with opportunity to integrate different experts across the farm.

Primary Program Content


  • Why healthy trees mean healthy farms – growing crops and keeping livestock happy
  • How do plants grow and change?
  • Renewable resources and sustainability
  • Field to fibre
  • What are shelter belts and biodiversity plantings
  • How can trees help keep our soil and water healthy?

Secondary Program Content


  • Growth and development of plants (native forest and plantation cycles)
  • Maintaining soil health, water quality and biodiversity values
  • Aesthetics & Economics
  • Ecosystem health and whole farm management
  • Restoration and other benefits
  • Sustainable practices
  • Field to fibre & career pathways
  • Shelter belts and Biodiversity planting

Plan your Excursion

  •  What is the purpose of your field trip? We can develop your program to suit your learning objectives and meet your curriculum needs. Please let us know anyway we can adapt the program to suit your students’ interest and learning needs.
  • Please notify us about any student with special needs. We can adjust your program to ensure everyone is involved.
  • Take advantage of our bus subsidy and fill your bus. Why not take two classes? The FEF has two teachers so taking two groups is not a problem, depending on the program.
  • In order to make your excursion planning easier the FEF has developed a Risk Assessment Plan. This document is written by the qualified teachers of the FEF. For a copy of the risk assessment document click here.
  • Bring along parent helpers. Extra assistance is always appreciated. We will get any parent helpers actively involved in the program.
  • Ensure your students are supervised at all times.
  • Prepare for all-weather possibility. Ensure your student have warm clothes, comfy shoes and wet weather gear.

Have fun!  Get involved and enjoy the adventure with your students.

The Trees on Farm program costs $150 per class. An invoice will be sent to the school following your excursion. School groups using externally hired transport may apply for a $100 bus subsidy.

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