Science - year 5/6

Many of our activities also incorporate content from the Science as a Human Endeavour Strand, focusing mainly on the sub-strand Use and Influence of Science.

Science Understanding

Content Descriptions
Sample activities

Biological sciences
Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment.
(ACSSU043) Year 5

Explaining how particular adaptations help survival such as nocturnal behaviour, silvery coloured leaves of dune plants.

Describing and listing adaptations of living things suited for particular Australian environments.

Exploring general adaptations for particular environments such as adaptations that aid water conservation in deserts.


Exploring eucalypt adaptations – leaf structure, bark, epicormic buds and lignotubers, using samples and images to illustrate the adaptations.

Identifying adaptations of understorey plants to low light levels and to dry conditions, using samples collected from different forest types.

Biological sciences
The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment.
(ACSSU094) Year 6


Investigating how changing the physical conditions for plants impacts on their growth and survival such as salt water, use of fertilizers and soil types.


Compare and contrast plant communities in dry and wet forest areas and collect abiotic data to explain any differences.

The concept of Sustainability is integral to understanding how we interact with and manage our forests now and into the future.  Through our programs, students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of sustainability in the use of forest resources.


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