Bush Discovery Excursion


Are your students interested in fungi, curious about our native animals or fascinated by creepy crawlies? Bush Discovery is a hands on nature-based experience for Kindergarten and Foundation students set in a local forest environment. Students have the opportunity to investigate the forest, identifying the basic needs of living things and find out where and how their needs are met. While exploring the role of living and non-living things in the forest, students will identify how they are interconnected. Learn about the features of a tree and the living things that can be found among them. Students will consider how they can care for forest environments and why they are important.

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Book this excursion at Waterworks Reserve, Hobart or Hollybank Reserve, Launceston.


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The Bush Discovery program costs $150 per class. An invoice will be sent to the school following your excursion. School groups using externally hired transport may apply for a $100 bus subsidy.

Curriculum links


EYLF OUTCOME 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Explore relationships with other living and non living things.
  • Students explore the parts of a forest and the connections between living and non-living things.
Develop an awareness of the impact of the interdependence of living things.
  • Students identify the ways living things influence and rely on each other.
  • ┬áStudents explore the ways that they can care for forest environments.

Foundation Science

Living things have basic needs, including food and water (ACSSU002)
  • Students explore the basic needs of trees, forests and the living things that live among them.

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