What is a forest?

Why are forests important?

How do we interact with forest landscapes?

What role do we play in the future of forests?

Our Programs

Primary Programs

Explore the relationships between living and non-living components of a forest ecosystem…

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Secondary Programs

Collect data from different forest types, and learn about managing landscapes for different purposes…

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College Programs

Understand a range of sampling techniques that can be applied to terrestrial and aquatic environments…

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What we do

The Forest Education Foundation (FEF) provides teachers and students with the opportunity to learn about forest systems and the ways in which individuals, communities and our society interact with these environments.

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News and Recent Events

From Forest to Product with Huonville Primary

Wood is all around us! Take a look around you and you will see wood plays a large part in our daily lives. Huonville Primary spent two days with the Forest Education Foundation exploring the importance of forests and learning about the cycle of planting, growing and...

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Design and Technology Resource Development

The project is underway! In conjunction with the UTAS School of Architecture and Design - Learning by Making students the FEF is developing an exciting new kit resource that connects to the Design and Technology Curriculum. Providing students the opportunity to...

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Trees on Farms at The NAAE Conference 2018

Have you ever thought about the purpose of trees on farm? This week the Forest Education Foundation explored the benefits of trees on farms and Agroforestry at the NAAE 2018 conference #NAAE2018.  The Forest Education Foundation had the opportunity to implement...

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“The hands on investigations engaged the student’s curious minds and provoked further interest in science. It catered for a wide range of students and was closely aligned to the curriculum, building on the children’s prior knowledge and providing scope for further in class learning.”

- School Teacher

“I was very impressed with the whole experience for the students. They were well organised, had great behaviour management skills. The learning was targeted to our learning abilities. Tasks were timely but allowed children time to explore a good range of activities.”

- School Teacher