Our Programs

The FEF provides a range of school programs based in the classroom and out in the field. Our dynamic learning experiences cater to Prep-12 students and are delivered by experienced and qualified teachers.


All programs, whether school-based or field trips, involve a wide range of practical activities and use specialist equipment provided by FEF. Our programs are planned in consultation with teachers to meet individual class requirements, the needs of different students and current curriculum objectives – focusing in the areas of Science, Geography, Design and Technology. We provide learning opportunities around the state to suit your schools needs and learning goals. The FEF utilise a number of field sites across that state, including, Waterworks Reserve, Hollybank Reserve, Leven Canyon and Cluan Tiers. Other areas within your community can also be explored, based on the learning goals and year level.

Children looking at compasses

Primary Programs


Explore the relationships between living and non-living components of a forest ecosystem and how these are affected by the local environment. Walk through different forest types – exploring the changes, the adaptations and the influencing factors.

secondary students in forest collecting data

Secondary Programs


Understand the importance of classification in organising food webs and ecosystems and explore the global carbon cycle. Collect data from different forest types, and learn about managing landscapes for different purposes.

Adults exploring a plants brochure

College Programs


Understand a range of sampling techniques that can be applied to terrestrial and aquatic environments. Students learn about the complex nature of ecosystem services that forest communities provide.

Children looking at compasses

Forest in a Box


A school loan package supporting teachers to integrate forest education into the classroom. Kits include forest specimens, scientific equipment, books and resources as well as, hand on activities and teachers notes connected to the curriculum.

Children playing with leaves and branches

Trees on Farms


The Trees on Farms Program offers students the opportunity to spend the day on a farm exploring trees and their place within the whole farm system. A hands on and dynamic excursion designed for primary and Secondary students.

Some foresters

Work Exposure Opportunity


Explore the different career pathways and skills you can experience working in the forest industry – from caring for the forest and growing the trees through to harvesting, transporting, processing the products and designing our homes.