Trees on Farms

Trees on Farms is a program for Primary and Secondary students, exploring the importance of trees on farms and their role in whole farm management. The program makes links to the Agriculture, Science, Geography and Design and Technology curriculum and fosters citizenship, critical-thinking, and problem solving in students.

Spend the day on a farm exploring trees and their place within the whole farm system. Understand the importance of trees, how they function, grow and change and their role on a farm. Field days will be tailored to your learning objectives and needs, with opportunity to integrate different experiences across the farm.

Cost and time: Subject to to program location and content

This is a new program and will be subject to the support of a local land owner in your area. Please inquire early to allow for planning and preparation.

Secondary Program Content

  • Growth and development of plants (native forest and plantation cycles)
  • Maintaining soil health, water quality and biodiversity values
  • Aesthetics & Economics
  • Ecosystem health and whole farm management
  • Restoration and other benefits
  • Sustainable practices
  • Field to fibre & career pathways
  • Shelter belts and Biodiversity planting

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