Forest in a Box – Loan Packages

Bring the forest to your classroom with Forest in a Box. Forest in a Box is an exciting outreach program for Tasmanian schools. Kits contain forest specimens, scientific equipment, books and resources, as well as, hands on activities and teacher notes connected to the curriculum. Included in the package is an introductory incursion to familiarise students and teachers with the resource, as well as provide connected educational activities (subject to availability).

Kits available:

Tremendous Trees


Prep – Year 2

This kit explores an important part of a forest – Trees!

Students examine the features of trees and their role in supporting other living things in the forest.

Forest Interconnections


Year 3/4

This kit explores the concept of living and non-living things in a forest.

Identify who is
eating who and how all parts of the forest are interconnected.

Forests: Thriving and Surviving


Year 5/6

This kit explores the characteristics of three forest types found in Tasmania.

Identify the adaptations of different living-things within the forest and look at forest specimens through microscopes.

Design and Make


Years 3-10

Take the challenge to design and make with this open ended wood kit.

Investigate the role of forests and wood products in Tasmania.

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