Bring the forest to your classroom with Forest in a Box. Forest in a Box- Adaptation Station is a comprehensive resource package that provides activities and resources to support teachers to integrate forest education into their classrooms.

Adaptation Station enables students to understand forest systems and how they function. The resource package explores the different forest types of Tasmania, their features and the ways living things are adapted to their surroundings.


Forest in a Box package includes:

  • Teacher Guide – Curriculum links, suggested activities and supporting materials
  • Teaching Resources – Forest specimens, microscopes, books, Tree Time Tasks and hands on teaching aids
  • Incursion led by FEF teachers to introduce the resource to students and teachers
  • Students explore the structural features of living things found in a forest.
  • Students identify how the adaptations of living things, in a forest, help them to survive.
  • Students make observations and identify how conditions impact the growth and survival of forests species.
  • Students understand the role of fire and how it behaves in different forest environments.
  • Students explore the importance of Science in managing forests for the future.
  • Students explore how forest environments are managed to maintain environmental, social/cultural and economic values.
  • Students examine their role in the future of forest landscapes.

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As part of the loan package, the FEF will provide an introductory incursion to classes interacting with the kit. This 60-90 minute session will help students and teachers to familiarise themselves with the kit, and includes hands-on, educational activities to support the learning program. 

The Forest in a Box – Adaptation Station is a package of learning, including Professional Learning, Teacher Guide and Support Materials. The package is free of charge, with a loan period of 4-5 weeks, if participating in an FEF excursion. Find out more.

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