Forests: Thriving and Surviving Teacher Portal

This portal includes access to interactive content, resources and planning documents to support your Forest in a Box – Forests: Thriving and Surviving implementation.

The FEF appreciates the involvement and contributions of teachers and hopes access to this portal will support the planning and teaching of Forest in a Box – Forests: Thriving and Surviving in your program. If you develop content that may support other teachers, please share it with us at

Adults exploring a plants brochure

Teacher Resource Document

Online Content


Children exploring a map with leaves

Interactive Roll Over


The Interactive Roll Over is designed to support your students’ learning experience as they interact with Forest in a Box.

Built a tree

Explore Forests 360


Have you ever stopped to wonder about the different types of forests that grow in Tasmania? Explore Tasmania’s three main forest types in 360. Roll over the hotspots for questions about each Forest Type. Click on the hotspots to read or view information about the different forest features and interesting forest facts.

Children exploring a map with leaves

Wood Story

Explore the importance of trees and their multiple uses. Follow the journey of a trees life from forest, plantation or farm to forest product, species protection and more. Where will your journey take you?

Children looking at compasses

Forest Type Sort


Students identify and sort the features of Tasmania’s three main forest types.  

Children exploring a map with leaves

Story Teller Library


By exploring the Story Teller Library you can learn more about the passionate people who interact and care for Tasmania’s forests. Each Story Teller has unique skills and knowledge to share.


Children exploring a map with leaves

Adaptations for Survival

Examine the structural features of the Tasmanian Masked Owl with roll over hotspots exploring the key adaptations.

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