Wood Story

 Explore the importance of trees and their multiple uses. Follow the journey of a trees life from forest, plantation or farm to forest product, species protection and more. Where will your journey take you?

To access guiding questions and further learning loan Forest in a Box to utilise the Teacher Resource Document.


Learning Outcomes:

Students explore how forests are managed to maintain environmental, social/cultural and
economic values.

Students explore the importance of Science in managing forests for the future.



Curriculum Links:

Design and Technolgies – Year 3/4
Investigate food and fibre production and food technologies used in modern and traditional societies. (ACTDEK012)

HASS – Year 4
The importance of environments, including natural vegetation, to animals and people. (ACHASSK088)

The use and management of natural resources and waste, and the different views on how to do this sustainably. (ACHASSK090)


Curriculum Links:

HASS – Year 5
The environmental and human influences on the location and characteristics of a place and the management of spaces within them. (ACHASSK113)

Science- Year 6
The growth and survival of living things are affected by physical conditions of their environment. (ACSSU094)


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Wood Story: Eucalypt

Follow the journey of a Eucalypt Tree.. What will you become?

Wood Story: Radiatta Pine

Follow the journey of a Radiatta Pine Tree.. What will you become?

Wood Story: Special Species

Follow the journey of a Special Species Tree.. What will you become?

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