The Stories Behind our Trees

How do people interact with forest landscapes? Explore the Story Teller Library to learn about the amazing forest industry professionals who care for Tasmania’s forests and provide the amazing wood products we use every day.

There are so many passionate people working for Tasmania forests – passionate foresters, biologists, soil scientists, engineers, lawyers, information technology professionals, land managers, investors, environmental educators, communications specialists, harvesting and transport operators, mechanics and wood products manufacturers.  And don’t forget all those people who just love working with wood!

To access guiding questions and further learning loan Forest in a Box to utilise the Teacher Resource Document.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students explore how forests are managed to maintain environmental, social/cultural and
    economic values.
  • Students explore the importance of Science in managing forests for the future.

Curriculum Links:

Design and Technologies – Year 5/6
Examine how people in design and technologies occupations address competing considerations, including sustainability. (ACTDEK019)

HASS – Year 5
The environmental and human influences on the location and characteristics of a place and the management of spaces within them. (ACHASSK113)

Science – Year 5/6
Scientific knowledge is used to solve problems and inform personal and community decisions. (ACSHE083/ACSHE100)

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