Yoav Daniel Bar-Ness

As a secondary student in the US State of Ohio, I enjoyed getting outdoors but never imagined there was an opportunity to build a career around it. I studied forestry and wildlife sciences as an undergraduate in Seattle, and began specialising as a research treeclimber. My first arrival in Tassie was as a reseach student at UTAS, and afterwards travelled back to the USA, to India, and to Western Australia learning and documenting trees there as a writer and photographer.  Now that I’m back here in Tasmania for good, I realised that there was an opportunity to teach visitors how to see these forests as a scientist and an enthusiast and have branched out into tourism.

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My story behind our trees…

I’ve just launched Giant Tree Expeditions, a small boutique tourism enterprise to take people out to see some of Tasmania’s giant forests. In previous projects I’ve chased owls, climbed tall trees to collect insects, mapped famous trees, and measured forest regrowth on the lava blast zone of a volcano.

I stay connected to forests by learning the urban tree species in the city around me. Even the smallest shrub growing in the garden has a story. It might be a species from a distant continent, have a long family history in geological time, or have its own individual story of growth. You could think of them as ambassadors from exotic lands.

My favourite part of my job is finding new things in the natural world. In wild places, there are countless discoveries to be made with just a tiny bit of patience and interest.

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