Year P – 2 Programs and Resources

The FEF offers school based experiences to students in Prep and Year 1/2, supported by the loan of Forest in a Box РIf I were a tree. This program content focuses on; living and non-living things in a forest, habitats, importance of trees, caring for forest environments and exploring where wood comes from. All content is aligned to meet the Science, HASS and design and Technologies curriculum.

contents of early years forest in a box

Forest in a Box

Bring the forest to your classroom with Forest in a Box Loan Packages.

Children playing with leaves and branches

Online Resources

Access a range of online resources to support your forest education program.

Built a tree

Forest Alive Excursion

Explore the features of trees and their role in meeting the needs of other living things.

Some foresters

Curriculum Links

Learn how a Forest Education program can connect to the Australian Curriculum.