Adaptation Adventure Excursion


With field notes in hand spend the day in your local forest and develop skills in using a GPS, both for locating features, and for recording students locations on a geo- referenced map. Explore the characteristics of different Tasmanian forest types and understand the adaptations of plants in these systems.

Explore the relationships between living and non-living components of a forest ecosystem and how these are affected by the physical conditions of the local environment. Walk through a eucalypt forest – exploring the changes, the adaptations, the influencing factors and the role of fire.



The Year 5/6 program costs $150 per class, which also includes a potential class visit. An invoice will be sent to the school following your excursion. School groups using externally hired transport may apply for a $100 bus subsidy.

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Book this excursion at Waterworks Reserve, Hobart or Hollybank Reserve, Launceston.


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