A unique experience for students to develop an understanding of workplace expectations and build skills and attributes that will support their future work and life goals. The FEF, in conjunction with forest industries, provides opportunities for students to engage with and understand sustainable land management. Offering students the chance to explore a diverse range of career pathways across a variety of fields, including:


  • Forest science and research
  • Professional forestry
  • Harvesting, haulage and processing a range of forest products
  • Research and development in timber engineering and future products directions
  • Architecture and Design with timber products

Each program is developed to maximise student interactions with industry experts and a wide range of employees across the industry. The FEF also facilitates hands on, activities to further build on students learning. The FEF are able to developed programs in consultation with schools and local forest industry representatives in order to meet the interest of students and to maximise the outcomes for all involved. Qualified and experienced FEF teachers ensure the experiences are linked to the Australian Curriculum and further support the Department of Education’s My Education program.

The program is state-wide with the opportunity for classroom and field-based experience depending on location.

Teacher Feedback

This was a pretty amazing experience for our students, and they were so engaged and excited about planning their pathways.

All students found some benefit from the day, from confirming a desire to move into this industry to considering employment possibilities they had not considered to pathways they didn’t know existed.

Excellent opportunity for students to see the wide range of employment prospects. Very well planned and catered for all students. Very enjoyable and interesting.

They helped students discover the huge scope of career opportunities within the Forest Industry, and discussed the wide range of sectors within the industry.

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