Year 5/6 Curriculum


Examine how particular structural features and behaviours of living things enable their survival in specific habitats (AC9S5U01)
  • Students explore the structural and behavioural features of living things found in forest environments.
  • Students identify how these adaptations help them to survive.
Investigate the physical conditions of a habitat and analyse how the growth and survival of living things is affected by changing physical conditions (AC9S6U01)
  • Students collect and record data about the physical conditions of different forest types.
  • Students identify the influence that these physical conditions have on the growth and survival of different forest species.
Investigate how scientific knowledge is used by individuals and communities to identify problems, consider responses and make decisions (AC9S6H02)
  • Students examine the importance of science in managing forests for the future.


The management of Australian environments, including managing severe weather events such as bushfires, floods, droughts or cyclones, and their consequences (AC9HS5K05)
  • Students investigate the role of fire in the sustainable management of forest environments in Australia. 
  • Students explore how environments are managed to address environmental, social/cultural and economic values.
The influence of people, including First Nations Australians and people in other countries, on the characteristics of a place (AC9HS5K04)

Design and Technology

Explain how people in design and technologies occupations consider competing factors including sustainability in the design of products, services and environments (AC9TDE6K01)
  • Students identify the ways scientists research forest systems for sustainable forest management.
  • Students investigate innovation and technology in forest products.
Explain how and why food and fibre are produced in managed environments (AC9TDE6K03)
  • Students explore our daily uses of forest products and how they are produced.

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