What is the future of forests?

As the Earth’s climate changes, the things we have learned about the global role of forests will help us manage them for the future.

Tasmania’s forests are appreciated for their environmental, social and economic values. The challenge for forest managers is to balance these values through sustainable forest management in order to maximise their benefits. Forest management in Tasmania is aimed at protecting the forest for current generations to enjoy, while continuing to satisfy today’s demands for forest products.

Sustainable forest management means that the three elements of sustainability – social, environmental and economic sustainability – are equally balanced. Social sustainability ensures that current and future generations enjoy a range of benefits from the forest, such as recreational opportunities, regional development, and the preservation of cultural heritage. Economic sustainability ensures that wealth for current and future generations is generated from the forest, within ecological constraints. Environmental sustainability ensures that the forest continues to provide habitat for its full assemblage of healthy plants and animals, and maintains its capacity to regrow.