Tremendous Trees Teacher Portal

This portal includes access to interactive content, resources and planning documents to support your Forest in a Box – Tremendous Trees implementation.

The FEF appreciates the involvement and contributions of teachers and hopes access to this portal will support the planning and teaching of Forest in a Box – Tremendous Trees in your program. If you develop content that may support other teachers, please share it with us at

Adults exploring a plants brochure

Teacher Resource Document

Online Content


Children exploring a map with leaves

Interactive Roll Over


The Interactive Roll Over is designed to support your students’ learning experience as they interact with Forest in a Box.

Children exploring a map with leaves

Parts of a Tree


Learn more about the features of Eucalyptus trees and how their needs are met. Click on image hotspots to learn more and answer questions to discover more.

Children exploring a map with leaves

Eucalypt Life Cyle


Explore the stages of a Eucalypt life cycle. Drag and drop the life cycle into order and label each stage.

Built a tree

Living or Non-living


Explore the living and non-living features of Tasmania’s forests. Click on as many living things as you can find. Will you identify them all!

Children exploring a map with leaves

Leaf Litter Guided Reading


Discover more about the role of leaf litter in the forest. This online guided reading includes, guided questions, interactives and quiz material to explore the learning further.

Built a tree

Our Daily Wood

Explore the strange and surprising products that come from or contain ingredients from trees. 

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