College Programs

Understand a range of sampling techniques that can be applied to terrestrial and aquatic environments. Students learn about the complex nature of ecosystem services that forest communities provide.

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Our College programs include options for both in-class and field-based experiences for Colleges throughout the State.

Classroom-based programs can include a brief introduction to forest ecosystems, the factors influencing distribution of vegetation communities and characteristics of key Tasmanian forest types.  We then explore the regeneration cycles of forest communities, the role and impact of fire in the landscape.  From here we are able to discuss the importance of ecosystem services, the social, environmental and economic values we associate with forests and the sustainable use of resources.

Field-based programs include data collection on different forest types, and observing the factors that effect the distribution of forests.  Students undertake quadrat and transect sampling, as well as a log decay survey and aquatic invertebrate sampling (subject to location).  Opportunities for meeting and working with forest scientist in the field are also possible.  The FEF provides a range of specialist equipment to support these activities.  We discuss the complexity of assigning ecosystem services to economic, social, or environmental values.  How do we manage conflicting services that serve multiple values?

College programs may include investigating:

  • Terrestrial and aquatic sampling techniques
  • Forest science and research methods
  • Mapping and the use of multiple data sets
  • The importance of random sampling
  • Ecosystem services and biodiversity
  • People and forests – social, environmental and economic values
  • Landscape level management
  • Renewable and non-renewable resources
  • Forest practices and land use – past, present and future directions

Please contact us for more details about planning your schools experience, to make a booking, discuss the cost structures and our transport subsidy options.