Primary Programs


Explore the relationships between living and non-living components of a forest ecosystem and how these are affected by the local environment. Walk through different forest types – exploring the changes, the adaptations, and the influencing factors, and investigate evidence of leaf damage by invertebrates… get up close to some decaying wood samples to discover invertebrate habitats… develop some mapping skills and explore human connections to the environment as you plot your journey on prepared maps – all this and more…


Our Primary programs include both in-class and field-based experiences supporting the Science, HASS and Design and Technology curriculum and cater for students from K – 6.

Programs are designed to introduce a number of new concepts e.g. ecosystems, forest types, living and non-living things, life-cycles, producers consumers and decomposers, adaptations, the use and sustainable management of natural resources…

We also introduce the use of maps as a vehicle to develop the students forest interpretation and mapping skills. Investigate wood in our daily lives, explore innovations in design and the future use of wood/fibre products. Students understand changing forest environments and are encouraged to understand the interconnected nature of forests and people.

Please contact us for more details about planning your schools experience, to make a booking, discuss the cost structures and our transport subsidy options.

Child playing with flower

Year 1/2


Join the Forest Education Foundation in your local forest to explore living things, their basic needs, features and how their needs are met in a forest system.


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Child looking at compasses

Year 3/4


Join the Forest Education Foundation in your local forest to explore ecosystems, life cycles, the role of living things and understand the managment of natural resources.


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child with back pack in forest

Year 5/6


Join the Forest Education Foundation in your local forest to explore adaptations and the ways people interact with forests. Learn how to use GPS and compass to navigate.


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