The project is underway! In conjunction with the UTAS School of Architecture and Design – Learning by Making students the FEF is developing an exciting new kit resource that connects to the Design and Technology Curriculum. Providing students the opportunity to explore wood materials and properties and use the Design Thinking Process, the kit will be offered to schools following their field experience with the FEF. The kit will support a new resource package that will explore forest systems, sustainable management, as well as, wood production, design and future perspectives.


The UTAS Learning by Making students spent a day tuning in at Hollybank Reserve, examining forest systems and learning more about what the FEF offers school groups. They had a chance to explore the forest, learn about the history of the site, understand the life cycle of a tree and took the challenge to build their own miniature tree houses with found materials.


The East Launceston Primary Year 5/6 students are working in partnership with the UTAS Learning by Making class to plan, develop and make this collaborative open-ended resource. They had their first day at the UTAS School of Architecture and Design, with the UTAS students, exploring a variety of different challenges as provocations to stimulate the planning process. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!