Treehouse Challenge


The FEF are partnering with Expedition Class on the Treehouse Challenge adventure!

We have developed a program to reinforce and enhance your Treehouse Challenge experience. Take your learning further by joining the Forest Education Foundation teachers at your local forest to engage with your learning in a hands on and meaningful way.

This experience will be tailored to suit your students’ knowledge and can be aligned with any part of your Treehouse challenge program. The field based programs are designed to connect with the Science and Geography curriculum and cater for students across all primary levels.

During the day we will engage with the different forest types, identifying the features of trees and the adaptations that help them survive. We will explore the tree life cycle and the way trees grow and change in their environment. Students will discover the characteristics and connections between living and non-living things. We will investigate trees as homes, finding tree hollows and learning how trees support and meet the needs of other living things.

A limited number of schools will have the chance to visit Andrew at his treehouse, providing your students the chance to learn more about his adventure and ask the questions that interest them.

To find out more about Expedition Class and the Treehouse Challenge click here.


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Thank you for choosing to explore the forest with a Forest Education Foundation excursion. You will find everything you need to know to plan and pack for your trip. Please ensure you have completed the Excursion Acknowledgement/Medical Information form at least 3 days PRIOR to your excursion.  

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