Queechy High School students had the opportunity to build a picture of fibre technologies, land management, production and design participating in our pilot program -Workplace Exposure Opportunity. Developed as a collaboration between the Beacon Foundation, University of Tasmania – School of Architecture and Design, Arbre Hub and the FEF.

The group of year 10 students participated in a full day program including a visit to the Arbre Hub for an overview of forestry sector careers and an introduction to simulator training packages – a great hands-on experience for all students. Students also visited the School of Architecture and Design where they had the opportunity to learn about new directions and technologies in wood products, as well as, designing and producing a timber product of their own.

A full day field trip, to interested students, also provided a chance to see the industry up close. Students asked questions and explored job opportunities in the field, with visits to see site preparation and harvesting equipment in action. The students talked to the operators and discussed employee expectations, job highlights and employment pathways, while also exploring the influence of science in forest management.

This was a great opportunity for students to explore the diverse ways that people interact with forest landscapes in their careers and the pathways available. To get involved in a similar program visit our Careers Pathways page or email us on info@forest-education.com